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TUV Crane


One of the leading domain exert in the field of crane and heavy machinery industry.

We provides comprehensive and Quality in Training, Certification and Abroad Placements services for all types of cranes as well as related machinery.

Our domain expertise has more than 17+ years of domain experience in mobile crane training and core service in the industry and our third party certification agency has more than 180 + years of expertise in the domain.

We are providing our candidates aboard Placement to adding value to our services.

Programs designed for beginners as well as experienced operators. We are focusing to deliver great opportunity for our candidate to experience what it feels like to operate a real crane. The hands-on portion covers the fundamentals of crane operation with emphasis on how to control the load, pre-operational inspection, setup and safety devices.

To keep the quality in the training and certification, we follow the regulations and standards such as ISO, EN, ANSI, OSHA, etc.

If you are paying for training make sure it is the best of the best! Our training and certification considered as the benchmark of the industry. We have always been the standard.

Onshore crane have tied up with international certification agency such as TÜV SÜD South Asia Pvt. Ltd. to ensure the quality and other deliverable to the candidates.

That is why we focus on “Standardize, Innovate and repeat”

We are in progression in expanding our service into other training programs related to crane and heavy machinery industry.

TUV Crane

CEO Message

As CEO of Onshore crane Certificates, I take pride in adding value to our candidates by providing the most advanced training facilities and Exclusive professional certificate for our candidates career.

We have been able to grow and training many candidate into the industry, by doing so, we are becoming part for keeping the stranded and quality in place for crane and heavy machinery industry.

Our emphasis as training and certification agency has always been to meet the industry needs in advance and to provide value to our candidates.

We have made our very best efforts to maintain quality training and maintain up-to-date certification updates with continuous investments for improvement.

Onshore Crane certificates executives and employees promise to keep their ears always open to the voices of candidates and to provide quality services that not only satisfy but also impress the candidates by exceeding their expectations.

We are an end-to-end service provided for your career at crane and heavy machinery industry.

Thank you!
Chief Executive Officer